About Us

Every candle has a story! Your candle's story began with a loving, creative person who wanted you to have an unforgettable experience. Each candle is housed in a hand poured concrete vessel, created with the artist's time, love and energy. All Natural Soy wax is then poured into the vessel and a delicious scent is chosen to create or recreate a special feeling or environment for its future owner! The candles' new owner gets to create a new life for these candles. How will your candle story go? Will it be to calm yourself after a long hard day's work, relaxing in a warm bath drinking your favorite beverage? Will it remind you of your grandmother cooking a delicious apple pie in the kitchen and you watching her aging hands create this luxury with such patience and care for the ones she loves? Or will it be a gift to make someone smile on their birthday or just because you are thinking of them? Every candle has a story and that's what makes them so special! You are receiving and giving an experience with every candle you burn! I absolutely love that the life of these candles can continue to bless their owners even after the last burn! These gorgeous modern vessels can be repurposed to house pens, pencils and even become a part of your home decor. The story of your candle will be continued and enjoyed for years to come! My name is Dawn and I am a proud mother of two children, an adoring husband and a love to create beautiful things! I hope and pray that you enjoy these amazing candles, enjoy life, be present in every moment and appreciate all of God's blessings!